Thursday, 28 July 2011

Building Alterations & Renovations ( Don't Move... Improve! )

D&C are pleased to offer a building renovation service which includes all types of refurbishment projects. These include building alterations, ‘knock-throughs’, building decorative and exposed brickwork, adding roof skylights, bathroom & kitchen renovations, exposed beams and rafters, fireplace brickwork, extensions & all the other types of house and building alterations

Don't Move... Improve!

Upgrading your property can be much less costly and stressful than moving to a new one.
Extending just one room can make a real difference to the feeling and available space in a house.
A home garden office can save you money on business premises and is very convenient.
A well designed extension adds space, comfort and an attractive feature to a home while also increasing resale value significantly.redundant outbuildings can be transformed into dry, attractive living spaces or a home office.

Make A Big Difference With A Small Change

Removing an internal wall, adding windows or a skylight can really enhance the experience you have in your home. We are delighted to advise on a variety of internal upgrades, please call for more information.

If you have any property maintenance or building requirements, regardless of the size of job, please do give us a call so we can explain how we may best be able to assist you.

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