Monday, 25 July 2011

7 Good reasons to plus 1 my website.

Hey, Can You Help Me Out?
Hi, I have a roofing company in Blackpool England and I need all the help I can get! I need to get some Google plus one click on my website. You look like the kind of nice person that will help. You have such a kind face. (That’s a lovely top you’re wearing by the way.) All you need to do is go to my website and click on the plus one button. So please can I have a Google plus one? click here to see our website.

7 Good reasons to plus 1 my website.
You will lose weight.
A renowned expert on nearly everything, (my dad) has scientifically revealed that clicking a computer mouse burns exactly 0.0000049 of a calorie. So by clicking our Google plus 1 button you will undoubtedly lose more weight than you would with most of the exercise machines and diets advertised on television.
You will become more attractive to the opposite sex.
Doing something nice for other people releases natural endorphins in the brain. These natural chemicals are responsible for your level of happiness. You will feel happier and therefore more confident. This new found confidence will immediately make you appear more attractive. Coupled with the weight loss mentioned above, you will be fighting the women/men/both off.
You will save the planet.
By clicking our Google plus button you will reduce our need to advertise in the newspaper and yellow pages. This will result in a massive reduction in paper demand and allow more trees to stay in the ground. Carbon emissions will be reduced and the air will be cleaner. Climate change will (probably) instantly be halted. You will almost probably get a personal thank you card from Al gore. And that poor polar bear from “an inconvenient truth” will have somewhere to sit. And all because of one click you gave my website. Click here to save the world.
You will end the recession.
The resulting increase in roofing sales will mean we will finally be able to start paying our roofing contractors. At the moment they are so poor the only thing they see on the kitchen table are elbows. Times are so hard our roofers can’t afford to pay attention or put air in their tyres. One of them has been saving up for 6 months so he can give his wife a compliment. If we start paying our roofers it will give the alcohol and gaming industry a massive cash injection. The resulting increase in tax revenue will end the economic crisis.
Something nice might happen to you.
I carried out an extensive and exhaustive survey of all the people that have clicked our Google plus 1 button so far. I asked all of them if anything good had happened to them since clicking the button. They both said yes.
I will return the favour
If you have a website or fan page you would like us to facebook like or plus one, send us a message and you will get our vote/like.
It’s free!
All you need is Gmail or Google profile. You don’t need the new Google plus social network, just an email.
So please can I have a plus one? Click here
Or even a facebook like? click here

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