Sunday 25 January 2015

Latest videos from D&C Roofing Blackpool

Latest videos from D&C Roofing Blackpool

This video shows a slate roof we carried out in Thornton we added a new roof to the new extension using 24x12 reclaimed roof slates and carried out a roof refurbishment to the old building

The following video is of a dormer project we carried out for Mahoney construction in Poulton le Fylde this job consisted of re-tiling the roof and vertical tiling to the dormer with all new lead work installed a new Velux window to the front elevation and we also felted the flat roof and re-bedded and pointed the ridge tiles adding three vented ridge tiles

This one is a new small tile roof to a new extension in Carlton we battened and felted the roof inserting all new lead work tiled it and bedded and pointed the ridge tiles

This video shows a re-roof we carried out in Saint Anne’s it was a nightmare to strip due to having horrible spray foam insulation underneath  we battened & felted the roof inserting all new lead work and re-tiled it with large flat profile rustic tiles we also re-did the dodgy fiberglass flat roof
And now the sales pitch
D&C ROOFING offer a full range of roofing services from slating tiling and felting for either total new roofs, or repairs and restoration. So whatever your requirement contact us on 01253692110 (evening) 07837980512 (daytime) or fill in the form on the Contact us page
Free estimates accompanied by photos of your roof problem
so you know you’re not paying for unneeded work
and photos of completed work so you can see the job has been done right


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