Saturday, 17 August 2013

Repairing other people’s bodged roof jobs again

Repairing other people’s bodged roof jobs again

This is a job we did last week the home owner had an ongoing roof problem for some time they had one roofer (sorry person I won’t call him a roofer) in who basically made the problem worse by covering everything with cromapol whether he set out to con the home owner or just had a lack of knowledge about roofing and how a roof works I don’t know but he shouldn’t be let loose on anybody’s roof. And to rub salt into the owners wounds they had a roofer come and charge them £70 for a temporary repair I don’t know what he did but he gave a new meaning to temporary repair it only lasted till it rained...

We had no option other than strip it all out and see what the cromapol was hiding.

The overhang of the tiles on the pyramid had been cemented up so it was flush presumably so it could be painted over. And the tiles had been painted on this was never going to work because of the way small tiles are cross bonded and it would never adhere to clay tile.     

The paint just peeled of the tiles to revel wet mortar and water underneath the paint.
We striped out all the bottom tiles and cleared away all the wet mortar to reveal splits in the lead. Whether this was the original leek or it had been coursed by the cement not allowing the lead to expand and contract with temperature change. Either way it was made worse by the water getting under the paint and not been able to flow away.

When we had striped the now ineffective lead out we had to repair and strengthen the damaged decking boards

We also found signs of water penetration to the left side of the valley which I think was the original problem with the pyramid being so steep water would find its way under the left side of the valley in heavy rain to combat this someone in the past had cemented the valley to stop water going under the tiles which is not really suitable for small tile roofs as the mortar soaks in the moister but is the lesser of two evils.. Ideally the should be wider lead in the valley with a decent welt on it to stop the water.  

This one got me how anybody could go on the roof and not see this I don’t know o.k. the tiles could of slipped anytime but the was lead soakers missing from all the hips and no were to be seen on the roof

Any way we felted the land valley and correctly re-tiled and leaded the hips. We made good the lead to the left hand side pyramid valley re-felted & battened and tiled back in
I had an email of the owner saying   so far so dry and thanks for the good job so hopefully we managed to stop all the leaks

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