Sunday 28 April 2013

A Cheap Roof Quote Is Often The Most Expensive Roof Quote


You need to replace your roof and are looking for a roofer to hire in Blackpool you have many choices when it comes to roofing companies. You can look for the best price or the best value. There’s a lot of ways to install your new roof and therefore a lot of ways to price the roof




The old saying you get what you pay for is alive and well in the roofing industry.

The majority of the time the lowest price will not include basics like treating, re-nailing and repairing roof timbers if needed or replacing the lead (they will leave the old lead in) or using the cheapest felts and batons (all new pitched roofs should have breathable felt and treated batons) the is also the detailed finish which makes your roof look good correctly doing verges, ridges and valleys
A lot of the time half way through the job they will come up with a big issue which will cost you a lot more £££££££
The reason I’m writing this blog is because we have recently been to two re-roof Jobs to put right other peoples work. On one we had to replace all the old lead they had left in they had re-tiled the roof which was originally slate. Lead work on slate roofs is totally different to lead work needed for tiles.
The other was a job on the prom was they had re-tiled the roof but hadn’t bothered to nail any of the tiles and in high winds the tiles kept coming off.   
These were jobs we originally quoted for but did not get .at D&C Roofing we give detailed quotes for every process of re-roofing covering every that needs doing.
So when getting quotes for your roof work make sure you get like for like quotes to ensure that each roofing company is quoting on the same roof?

Be wary of the low quote it could turn out to be the most expensive one

At D&C Roofing we pride our self’s on doing the job right the first time every time


I’ve seen this many times when a slate roof has been striped and replaced with tile for some reason they leave the old lead back gutter in they must know it will leek eventually as it is not suitable for tiles......



Another common thing we see is when so called roofers have not correctly installed bonding gutters when sealing joints with adjoining properties choosing to just cement the join to save a few pounds
Another thing we often see is when a old flat roof has been over boarded the old roof just rots away after time coursing all sorts of problems if anyone suggests over boarding politely tell them to leave your property




At D&C Roofing we also take photos before during and after so you can see the job has been done right

D&C ROOFING offer a full range of slating and tiling services for either total new roofs, or repairs and restoration.
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