Sunday, 20 January 2013

Finding the Right Roof Repair Company in Blackpool

If you’re looking for a roof repair company in Blackpool, making the right choice can make all the difference. One of the first things you should find out is what their customers have to say about them. At D&C Roofing we guarantee our workmanship and are fully insured

One of the next things you should consider is the track record of the company. D&C Roofing is a local company and has helped many people just like you in Blackpool and the surrounding Fylde areas for nearly 20 years
Quality materials for roof repair are a very important aspect when it comes to how long your repair will last. D&C Roofing offers the best materials and quality workmanship
We take photos of your roof problems so you can be sure that you are never paying for work that doesn't need doing and photos of completed work so you can see the job has been done right
At D&C Roofing we strive to bring the top quality work, paired with excellent customer service, communication throughout your entire project, guaranteed work, we will have your project done on time and within budget.

Having a roof  repaired is a daunting task for Blackpool homeowners. Even though the roof is usually made out of the most durable materials available, it also is the part of the home that takes most of the punishment. Roofing issues can occur at the worst times due to inclement weather conditions or due to old, worn roofing. our roof repair experts will fully inspect your roof, pinpoint any problems and offer you the best solution at an affordable price.

8 out of 10 roof repairs carried out are entirely due to poor maintenance. Neglecting your roof can mean that what would probably have been a relatively small problem becomes a much larger one over time, resulting in a much more significant repair becoming necessary. Having your roof checked regularly, however, can allow you to deal with small problems immediately and avoid potentially costly repairs at a later date.
D&C Roofing Contracts have been carrying out emergency roof repairs for clients all over Blackpool and the Fylde for nearly 20 years. Our experienced, friendly staff can visit your home and provide you with a no obligation quote for all aspects of roof maintenance and repair.
For free estimates and advice call DAVE ON 07837980512 or 01253692110 or email


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