Saturday 9 July 2011


 Why its best to fully replace timber fascia boards

. (1)All timber fascia boards will hold some degree of moisture. Capping over the timber fascia boards will seal in the moisture leading to rot if not treated

(2)Manufacturers of Upvc fascia and soffit boards as well as many installers offer guarantees on the products. In most cases the guarantee will cover the materials - not the structure the boards are fixed to. Ensuring the Upvc products are fixed to a sound structure is vital.

(3)On many properties the existing fascia and soffit boards are only a few millimetres above the windows. Capping over the boards could cause the opening windows to hit the new boards - a window that cant fully open could prove to be fatal in the event of a house fire.
(4)Capping over the existing fascia boards will result in the new guttering being set slightly further away from the roof. Rainwater could run off the roof and behind the guttering.

(5)Based on experience it is the opinion of D&C Roofing that any tradesman or fascia company who recomends capping over the existing boards without first checking the timber should be avoided

(6)The photos on this page show rot that is hidden behind the guttering. This rot is only revealed by the removal of the roof tiles and the guttering
A tradesman who recomends capping over the boards without first checking the condition of all the timber should be avoided.

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